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The very famous Indian Lesbian Wedding



One of the many things we Wedding Planners do is scout for ideas and inspirations. This involves a lot of research on the internet (Forums, blogs, websites et al) for a reasonably good amount of time. SO, while we were doing the usual one day, we stumbled upon a material that would blow our minds. While the story of Seema and Shannon has been told and retold, we decided to focus on them today because we felt it was just the right time to do so (thank you Indian Supreme Court). For those who aren’t familiar with Seema and Shannon, theirs is a perfect untainted love story that has crossed all barriers set by the society. It’s a story that has garnered worldwid attention and rightly so!

Seema and Shannon are lesbians………………………..MARRIED……………………………..the INDIAN WAY 🙂 

The first two parts of this sentence might not have created much interest in you, but the last part of it certainly did. Yes Seema and Shannon got married the Indian way!

Seema and Shannon had been courting each other for 6 years before they finally decided to tie the knot. It’s been an unusually difficult but a beautiful journey. Even though the marriage was solemnized in a far distant land- California to be specific, their story has been an inspiration for all our LGBT brothers and sisters who struggle to fight for their true love.

Have a look, enjoy and comment below!

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