About US

Having led a monotonous life at a reputed Investment Bank for over 6 years, Surbhi and Vivek; a real life couple realized the need to have a more rewarding life. Realizing Surbhi’s childhood dream of being a Wedding Planner, both of them took the plunge to be one of a kind team. Pratha Weddings and Events started in late 2011 with the idea of giving weddings a new meaning. Pratha gives life to “tradition” with a lot of interesting twists!



She has an impressively artistic background; Being a trained Khatak DancerĀ and a national level singer and an accomplished Jewelry Designer, creativity flows in her veins. She goes on to create something wondrous in all her work with consummate ease. Her enthusiasm is infectious which leaves people awestruck. She is truly the brain and the heart of Pratha.



He is an astute Wedding and Event planner, who has an eye for detail of things with a great deal of Marketing Skills. Calls himself the operations guy but he is certainly more than that, have a problem and he gives you the solution.. If Surbhi is the heart he certainly is the backbone of Pratha.