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Same sex marriages!

Earlier last week I received a rather interesting text from my friend at Bombay Dost to write an article about a wedding planner’s perspective of planning a gay wedding.

I have been asked to plan many weddings that I would term “offbeat”. From a wedding planners perspective a gay wedding would definitely top the charts for an offbeat wedding and a dream one to plan too.
At Pratha Weddings & Events, our perspective  of planning a gay wedding would be as equally detailed as the usual ones. There are micro and the macro aspects to each wedding. Finding a venue, catering etc are a few macro aspects of gay weddings that would be similar to other weddings but with a twist.
Micro aspects are more detail specific keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the couple. It’s absolutely important to understand the tastes and preferences of both the partners and bring out themes that are artistically creative and pleasing at the same time. Some of the micro aspects of wedding planning can be as small as printing of invitation cards, deciding the theme of the decor, designing of clothes, etc. The most important aspects however would be to plan rituals, which I would be highlighting shortly.
These are the few of many things I would do to plan a gay wedding:
Venue: There are plenty of wedding venues dotted along the city landscape, some of them are indoor and few outdoor. The key is to find a venue that is LGBT friendly, liked by both the partners keeping in mind the amenities and the capacity of the venue.
Draw up a guest list. Every wedding is incomplete without a guest list. Having said that, always remember the wedding is all about you and you must invite only those people who are supportive of your life’s choices. Unsupportive guests, be it family or friends may mar the wedding celebrations.
Rituals: More often than not, the partners belong to a different caste, creed of religion. It’s always wise to keep both their sensibilities in mind and design the wedding rituals that they are comfortable with. Remember, both are equal partners and that’s how it has to be.
Every individual in this world dreams of getting married and it should not be any different for a gay or lesbian looking to get married. It’s completely an individuals prerogative of his choices and preferences and as a society we should respect their sensibilities. We at Pratha Weddings firmly believe in this form of expression and support their causes to the fullest.

Happy New year Everyone!

Happy New year Everyone!

Hope and pray that every one of you has a blessed and wonderful 2014!

The very famous Indian Lesbian Wedding



One of the many things we Wedding Planners do is scout for ideas and inspirations. This involves a lot of research on the internet (Forums, blogs, websites et al) for a reasonably good amount of time. SO, while we were doing the usual one day, we stumbled upon a material that would blow our minds. While the story of Seema and Shannon has been told and retold, we decided to focus on them today because we felt it was just the right time to do so (thank you Indian Supreme Court). For those who aren’t familiar with Seema and Shannon, theirs is a perfect untainted love story that has crossed all barriers set by the society. It’s a story that has garnered worldwid attention and rightly so!

Seema and Shannon are lesbians………………………..MARRIED……………………………..the INDIAN WAY 🙂 

The first two parts of this sentence might not have created much interest in you, but the last part of it certainly did. Yes Seema and Shannon got married the Indian way!

Seema and Shannon had been courting each other for 6 years before they finally decided to tie the knot. It’s been an unusually difficult but a beautiful journey. Even though the marriage was solemnized in a far distant land- California to be specific, their story has been an inspiration for all our LGBT brothers and sisters who struggle to fight for their true love.

Have a look, enjoy and comment below!

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And then there was the beginning!

Have you ever had this feeling when you hit a dead end in your 9-6 job (Well in our case it was a 12 PM to 3 AM job)? Working with an Investment Bank sucks the daylights out of you and being at Goldman was no different and working in the same atmosphere for over 6 years didn’t make matters easy! If it wasn’t for my co-worker turned Business partner cum Life partner, I would still be working in my 15 hour shift! How you may ask?

Well you see, out of nowhere he was bitten by the “Entrepreneurial Bug” to start something of his own. He quit his successful career in pursuit of becoming a restaurateur. Now, left alone and sulking I decided to follow suit and sat to evaluate what I was good at! This is where I hit my EUREKA moment! 🙂 How about becoming a Wedding Planner?

Wedding Planner? How and why one might ask! Let’s rewind a bit. Back in the days, more like 2004, when I was still a College Student pursuing my BCom at Mount Carmel College Bangalore, I was helping organize Sangeets and Mehendi functions in my social circle. Being artistically inclined, dance and music were always my areas of interest! Little did I know that 3 years of being a Hobbyist Wedding Planner would influence my life which I lead today.

Wedding Planning is a rewarding but challenging career. You need the right kind of people working with/for you to make it a successful endeavor. As I fervently prayed to god to help me find the right person for Pratha, along came Vivek who announced that his plans to open a restaurant fell flat like a bird dropping on a bald head. He didn’t have a plan but I did. 😉


This is the story of Pratha Weddings and Events. Pratha is now a healthy growing baby, nurtured by Vivek and myself. We look forward to create happiness, we look forward to create long lasting bonds!